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Friday, September 4, 2015

You Know You're a Sophomore When...

I'm a Sophomore this year in university, which is pretty neat. It means I got through Freshman year mostly unscathed! Since I have so many AP credits and external summer credits, I'm actually sitting closer to Junior year standing than most people. It means I could potentially graduate early if I wanted to, which is pretty neat. I have no idea if I'll actually graduate early since I want to study abroad again, but all that remains to get sorted out in time.

Here's a list of ten things that confirmed to me that I was really and truly out of my first year:

1) I have run into people that I never wanted to see again for various reasons, and had to smile at them.
2) I'm not terrified of professors.
3) When someone set off the alarm in the dining hall, I assumed it was a Freshman (and was right).
4) Speaking of dining halls, I call it a dining hall. None of this "cafeteria" nonsense!
5) I don't travel in a massive pack around campus, blocking traffic and upperclassmen alike.
6) I may or may not have tried to send laser beams out of my eyes at the kid sitting in my spot in the library.
7) I've already power-read one book for class, and I still haven't purchased any textbooks.
8) My major is already declared and I'm not waffling between history and engineering (what?!).
9) When asked for directions, I only know the nickname for the building rather than the street address.
10) It feels like my university has been overrun with small, nervous children.

All that being said, I remember being really nervous freshman year. It's pretty funny to spot the guys who are dealing with being nervous by acting kind of cocky. In time, they'll learn how to blend in and join my university community. In the meantime, though, they're pretty cute. Like, in the same way your slightly annoying little cousin was really cute.

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