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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Harley Quinn Inspired Lips

Now, I need to start off this blog post by stating up front that I don't know a lot about comic books. However, I think I am allowed to be absolutely obsessed with Harley Quinn! I personally think DC does better villains that Marvel, and Harley Quinn is a great example. While she's seemingly simple, she was a psychologist before turning to the dark side. She's also on the Suicide Squad, so she has the capacity to be good.  She's smart, sexy, and completely mental. 

She's also my Halloween costume this year! I'm not sure if I'll be posting pictures of my costume because I haven't exactly worked out the top yet, but I have duel coloured pants from Hot Topic. They aren't cheap, but I plan on wearing them afterwards as part of my wardrobe. They run sales and reduced shipping reasonably often, so keep an eye out for that. 

On to the lips! This is a pretty simple look. Basically I outlined my cupid's bow (and messed up a few times) with a liquid eyeliner, then thickened the lines as they reached the edge of my lip. It looks a lot better if the bottom lip line is thicker than the top, which I did in the second picture. Then I filled in half of my top lip and bottom lip with a beautiful Savage Jenny lip pot. Since I didn't have a black lipstick, I used some black eyeshadow and lip balm to get the black to stay on the other halves.

How you fill in the red/black within your lips is up to you, though. I think the lips look more dramatic when outlined in black, but there's not a ton of reference art with Harley's lips drawn like that. Honestly, it's Halloween and have fun. Who cares if you don't look exactly like the character? I'm Chinese anyways :P

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  1. Looks great, very creative!

    Kyah -


Thanks for the comment! I read every single one :D