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Thursday, October 29, 2015

International Beauty Tips

I've done a pretty decent amount of travelling. While on my travels, I have seen a lot of different faces and come in contact with many different beauty standards. Maybe I'll do a post on that some day... but in the meantime, let's talk about what I've learned from various places. I've learned bits of the spoken language there (normally "please", "thank you", "how much", "hello" and "goodbye" as a minimum), eaten all sorts of interesting foods, and seen sites that I had previously only dreamed of.

It seems like people from different cultures like to give young women beauty tips. People always say that the women from wherever they are from are the most beautiful in the world, and have certain secrets that make them that way.  Anyways,  below are some tips I've learned from three different countries I've been to!

  • Stay out of the sun if you want to maintain a pale, clear complexion.
  • Use a face mask nightly for soft, moisturised skin. 
  • Drinking warm beverages is good for the body and the skin. 
  • Do not let rainwater get on your hair if you want it to look nice. 
  • Stay healthy in order to maintain a beautiful appearance. 

  • Eating olives is good for the skin and makes the eyes bright. 
  • Olive oil is a good way to get makeup off, soften the skin, and thicken the hair when applied to the scalp. 
  • Rose water and eating things with roses in them are good for increasing "feminine grace". 
  • You don't need a lot of makeup, but at least line your eyes to make them stand out. 

  • Burmese women wear thanaka on their faces as a natural sunscreen. You can buy it on Amazon... it's typically painted on in circles or other patterns. 
  • Thanaka is also good for getting rid of acne and curing oily skin. 
  • Thanaka is  skin whitener, and you can apply a thick layer as a mask at night for a brighter complexion. 
  • Putting a small amount of oil through the hair makes it soft, shiny and easier to manage. 

What did you think of these international beauty tips? Most of them are a lot more about diet/lifestyle than Western advice, which is more product/technique based in my opinion. Since I was in China over the summer, I feel like a lot of my beauty regime has shifted. Of the three, the country with the most interesting beauty standards has to be Myanmar, because the women wear thanaka patterns on their face which is just so pretty! 

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