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Friday, November 20, 2015

I wasn't kidding on Wednesday when I said I love Klaire de Lys. While Wednesday's makeup was based loosely on some of her looks that she's done in the past plus a streak of my own creativity (for better or worse), today I actually tried Klaire's Succubus look. I think it's both pretty and creepy at the same time, which is exactly why I like it!

I don't have the special effects makeup stuff that she does, which is why I don't have cool boils or anything.  I also should have blended the lines further up... I have no idea why they look so dark in these pictures, but they don't look tapered at all. I think a lot of it has to do with crappy dorm lighting and the fact that my lips aren't dark enough. I should have gone with super dark lips like Klaire did, but I was thinking a redder would look softer. Whoops.

Regardless, hope you appreciate my attempt!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I've started experimenting with facepaint/bodypaint lately. While I've done some other looks before, this is the first one I'm going to put up online. I'm heavily inspired by Klaire de Lys who is one of my favourite YouTubers of all time.

I had already done the bloodied-up eye when I decided to make this more than just practicing my bruise makeup. To contrast one side that is hurt and painful, I chose to make the Paris side glittery, beautiful and bright. That's the Paris we all know and love-- the romantic city of lights.

Like everyone else, I was horrified and saddened by terrorist attack in Paris. I remember being in Singapore when I heard about the Boston Marathon bombings that occurred... and the total shock and sadness that followed. I cannot imagine what it is like for the people of Paris or my French friends currently hoping their friends and family are safe. This blog isn't a place for me to discuss my political views, but I hope whoever is responsible is found and put to justice. To target a city that represents brotherhood, liberty and independence is a disgusting act.

I also hope this doesn't offend anyone. I know political correctness is of utmost importance these days... but I wanted to do something creative and respectful. Also, I realise the French flag is backwards on my lips. The camera flipped the photo... Whoops.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

My best guy friend (yes Appu, best girlfriend still goes to you) Jackson came in from Singapore for a couple of days. He basically flew for two days to stay for four here in Boston, which is dedication to say the least. I painted him the sign above, which took about four hours lying on my friend's floor questioning my decision to gradient everything. The good news is, it turned out looking like butterfly wings!

I got Jackson all of Monday last week, so we ended up walking from Boston University to the Aquarium and back. It was tiring to say the least! But it was amazing to catch up with him. Since we ended up in the North End for a while, we went and got fancy Italian style coffee. Speaking of coffee, I feel like that's the only think I consistently remembered to take photos of when he was here! My camera battery died so I have like 3 pictures of him and one of the ground... whoops.

On Friday I took him out to breakfast and learned that I am most definitely a child at heart. I got this coffee, which was a shot of expresso in hot chocolate at Trident Booksellers and Café which was pretty amazing. It was definitely a treat and a good way to start my last day with Jackson.

I also had a paper due this week which was all sorts of miserable. The good news is, there's only one week until Thanksgiving break! Hopefully I'll get another post up soon. 

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

China recently repealed its infamous one-child policy. The one-child policy was created to stem China's explosive population, but policymakers recently realised that may mean a sharp drop in the workforce that China's labour-based economy may not be ready to handle. It also helped contribute to the gender imbalance in China today, through gender-selective abortions, female infanticide, and abandonment of female infants. I was one, nineteen years ago.

Day One, in clothes from the orphanage. 

Adopted girls and women are reacting to this change in policy in different ways. Because I'm a history/international relations major, I am viewing it largely as a change in policy. The Chinese government created a socially unpopular policy that created socioeconomic problems that it did not foresee, and now it's repealing it years after significant damage has already been done.

I don't think this is as big of a deal as people are making it out to be.  It's not the start reproductive freedom in China... couples are still limited to two children. From my time in China, I can honestly say that the attitude many young women have towards children is, "nice but expensive". Having kids in every country isn't cheap, but economic factors will probably prevent many people from having a second child anyways. Also, the one-child policy created a cultural shift for many urban Chinese. I don't think having two children is appealing for many Chinese couples today.

My perspective on the matter isn't that interesting. Maybe it's because I studied abroad over the summer in Chengdu and have a better perspective of what living there is like compared to other adoptees that maintain a more fantasy-based version of China? Maybe it's because my parents made sure I still had connections to my Chinese roots growing up, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything? I'm not sure. But I realise that this policy change isn't out of the kindness of the Chinese government's hearts. It's a pragmatic change for the current Chinese population, not a move to repair the relationship between adoptees and our motherland. To be honest, my reaction was, "Who cares? It doesn't actually affect me." What happened in the past cannot be changed, and I have no idea why I would want it to change.

Now, that's not me saying that girls that had emotional reactions are crazy. Everyone processes these things differently, and I spent a reasonable amount of emotional energy on this when I was younger. At this point though, I'm pretty comfortable being straight with people. I was abandoned.  I was probably abandoned because my biological parents wanted a son. I got adopted by great people who are the best parents a girl could ask for. And no, I'm not going to burn time, money and energy looking for my biological parents. They made their decision never to see me again nearly two decades ago, and I respect that decision. 

Chinese American and proud of it. 

 I can say with confidence that my life is better having been adopted than having not been adopted. I have parents that love me. I was able to grow up in American culture-- which treats men and women FAR more equally than Chinese culture, by the way.  Growing up I was able to do ballet, learn Spanish, travel to Europe, and play the flute. That's even before I moved to Singapore and had a crazy three years prior to ending up in a great university. I can honestly say that NONE of that would have been possible if I hadn't been adopted, because my parents would not have been there to make it possible. I am incredibly grateful that I was able to get the reshuffled hand I got at life.

Mom and Dad, if you're reading this: I love you!

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