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Monday, November 16, 2015

Tourist Time in Boston

My best guy friend (yes Appu, best girlfriend still goes to you) Jackson came in from Singapore for a couple of days. He basically flew for two days to stay for four here in Boston, which is dedication to say the least. I painted him the sign above, which took about four hours lying on my friend's floor questioning my decision to gradient everything. The good news is, it turned out looking like butterfly wings!

I got Jackson all of Monday last week, so we ended up walking from Boston University to the Aquarium and back. It was tiring to say the least! But it was amazing to catch up with him. Since we ended up in the North End for a while, we went and got fancy Italian style coffee. Speaking of coffee, I feel like that's the only think I consistently remembered to take photos of when he was here! My camera battery died so I have like 3 pictures of him and one of the ground... whoops.

On Friday I took him out to breakfast and learned that I am most definitely a child at heart. I got this coffee, which was a shot of expresso in hot chocolate at Trident Booksellers and Café which was pretty amazing. It was definitely a treat and a good way to start my last day with Jackson.

I also had a paper due this week which was all sorts of miserable. The good news is, there's only one week until Thanksgiving break! Hopefully I'll get another post up soon. 

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