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Monday, January 25, 2016

College Cooking Adventures: Breaded Eggs

I moved dorms at the start of this term, and it's been great so far! This dorm has a much nicer kitchen that actually functions, rather than a sad little refrigerator and stove languishing alone in the dark basement. Now I'm living in a basement dorm, which sounds far more miserable than it actually is. I'm next to the laundry and kitchen, and there's a little stairwell that gets me out of here in the morning faster. Not to mention that my new roommate is extremely nice and normal... which is really appreciated after my last one.  

The community kitchen (it's small but 100% functional)

Since I now have a kitchen that I can cook in, I've been cooking quite a bit. I've lived here like a week and cooked three times already! People have been asking me how I have the time to cook so much, which I think is kind of funny. I guess that I take some time that I could be spending watching Netflix or reading a book making myself yummy things. 

I wanted to make myself dinner tonight, but realised that I only had flour, breadcrumbs and eggs. So I figured that breading soft boiled eggs and frying them was probably going to work out in my favour. After all, what can't be fixed by rolling in breadcrumbs, right?

I medium-boiled the eggs, peeled them, and rolled them in flour.  broke the white on one of them, which means I ended up with one pretty egg and one tasty but very ugly egg. 

I rolled the floured egg in a beaten egg, then into bread crumbs. I did this twice to get a good coating on the egg. See my cute ducky chopsticks? I find it easier to cook with chopsticks most of the time, so they turned into a multi-tool of stirring, flipping, and attempting to save this project. 

I threw the sad broken egg into this tiny little pan and fried it on both sides to try and get the breading to cook. I then stopped taking pictures of the ugly little egg. 

The pretty egg really did come out pretty! I fried it in a little bit of oil until I got the breading crisp on all the sides I could flip the egg with my chopsticks. 

Tada! You can see the layers of breading, soft-ish egg white, and runny yolk pretty well here. I suspect you could hard-boil the eggs or even make them a little bit harder than this and it would work out just as well. I'm sure it would also be easier to bread the darn things as well. It was fun to break the yolk and eat it with the breaded egg white. 

And because I know my mother reads this blog and will ask: yes, I ate some vegetables with it. I keep bags of frozen veggies in the freezer because they are extremely easy to make and no one ever wants to steal them. 

If anyone knows a good website for cooking in university, please send it my way. I like these breaded eggs but I suspect I'll get tired of them if that's all I eat until I finish the carton...

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