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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowy Day!

It has finally snowed here in Boston! We didn't get nearly as much snow as I was hoping to get, but that's okay because there is surely more on the way. Ideally. Last winter was a bit too much with weekly blizzards and several city shut downs, but this winter hasn't had enough snow to call itself a winter yet.

My parents got two feet of snow in New Jersey... which I am very jealous of. They were supposed to go to a slow cooker party so they made a TON of chicken curry, which they are now stuck eating until they eventually thaw out. I guess I'm not jealous of that, except that I know that curry is delicious.

Since it has been pretty cold lately, my boyfriend and I decided to try our hand at making soup. I didn't have the brains to take a picture of it myself, so here's a Snapchat screenshot of it instead. It was a slow cooker recipe that took five hours... which we didn't plan for, so we ended up eating pretty late. But it was amazing! The chicken kept falling apart when I was trying to shred it. It really made a lot, so I think the "poor guy" is going to be eating it for at least another three or four days.

Also, look at the cute little snowman we built in Boston Common! I know he's not much to look at, but the snow was quite powdery and not snowman-snow. The poor little guy was only about a foot tall and is hanging out on the top of a hill under a tree. Of course we also had a bit of a snowball fight! I didn't get any pictures of that because I was too busy trying not to get hit. Unfortunately, he has significantly better aim than I do >.<

Well, here's to hoping for more snow this January, I suppose!

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