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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Geneva/London this Summer!

YES! I've been waiting to hear back from the study abroad office for a while at this point, and I'm delighted to be accepted into the program. My classmate/friend got accepted earlier that I did yesterday, so I started getting worried because we had both applied quite early. My email came about 3 hours after his, but it had the same exciting message.

I've been to both London and Geneva before, but I've always been on holiday or school trips. I'm really looking forward to studying in two beautiful, cosmopolitan cities! I haven't been to Europe in a couple of years so I'm quite looking forward to the change of pace from Asia and the United States. I realise that is quite an obnoxious sentence... and I'm very grateful that I do so much travelling of course. I'm going to be taking two challenging courses this summer, which means this will be far from a relaxing holiday.

This officially puts me on track for a clean 3 year graduation, by the way. Hello class of 2017, I'm coming to join you!

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  1. Ou, congratulations! That sounds like such an amazing opportunity! I wish my school had had more study abroad opportunities. But, my sister did one through her school and she had a great time of it.



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