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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pleased to Announce...

Today is a happy, reflective day. 

... That I walked out of sorority recruitment on the third day and will NOT be a part of a Greek life organisation. 

Despite walking away from Greek life, I actually left with a reasonably positive impression of it. A lot of the girls I talked to were nice, passionate about what they were doing, and seemed like decent people. I'm glad I went through the portion of recruitment that I did. 

That being said, I knew I wasn't going to go Greek about midway through the second day. I just don't have enough in common with the girls who ultimately get into Greek life. By and large, sorority girls are cheerful, bubbly, and highly sociable. That doesn't mean I'm a grump or anything, but I'm no social butterfly. And God forbid anyone call me "bubbly"... you might as well also mention that I'm blonde and 6 feet tall while you're at it. 

I will confess now that I didn't think I would actually make it through the process, and if I did, there were a number of things that would have made me quit my rhetorical sorority. For example, any attempt to haze me would have ended in me leaving and making it very public why I left (I know BU sororities don't haze in theory, but one got suspended in 2013 for hazing). If I perceived it to take too much of my time, I would have left. If I didn't care about the philanthropy they did, I would have left. I guess it's safe to say that my heart wasn't really in it from the beginning, so this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Especially not me. 

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