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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

An Aerial Update

I've started getting less terrible about updating my Instagram over the past week and a bit, and I've posted new aerial photos! If you haven't been keeping an eye on my Instagram lately, check out some of my latest pictures.

I'm working on a piece on the Lyra (aerial hoop) for a showcase on May 1st, which is a little over a month away! It's kind of a mess right now but I'm sure it will look nice for the show. I get to pick my own costume, makeup, lighting and music which makes the whole ordeal more fun. It's nerve wracking because I'm doing a solo and I am apparently not the only person on the Lyra, so there will naturally be some competition between who has the best choreography and tricks. That being said, I've only been doing Lyra for 2 semesters and I've managed to put together a three minute routine, so I don't really care if it's not as good as some people who have been doing it for a while.

A photo posted by Natalie (@natalie.mei) on

I do Lyra, still trapeze and aerial silks. All three have their merits, but Lyra and still trapeze are certainly more similar because they are both bar apparatuses. Out of the three, I think I'm the most suited to do Lyra. Something about it feels very natural. Sure wish I had found out about it sooner in life... and I've already decided that when I own a house, I'm totally putting a Lyra that is the correct size for me somewhere in it.  Did you notice how at one point in the video I'm holding on with my toes? Apparently you are supposed to be able to put the sole of your foot on the top of the hoop, but my legs are too short :(

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