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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Photoshoot with Joey Phoenix

I did a photoshoot with Joey Phoenix back in February, but it took me about a month to get around to downloading the photos and sharing them. Since I have so many beautiful pieces from around the world, I decided that I wanted them to be photographed. Joey is one of my favourite photographers that I have worked with and captures people and things in such a bright way. I knew she'd help me photograph the clothes in a respectful way that would celebrate each item. 


Shang-Ri-La, China

Sapa, Vietnam

My favourite picture is the middle one-- it's something I bought out of desperation in China because the mountains were so cold! It's an interesting picture because while I recognise myself in the picture, I'm in a completely different light. For lack of a better word, the picture comes across as very "ethnic". I think it's because there's nothing to temper the colours of the shawl, and because the shall is so high-contrast to the black background (and my hair). It makes me wonder about what life would have been like if things had played out ever so slightly differently. 

What's your favourite picture? Let me know!

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