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Friday, May 20, 2016

Europe Bound

 Today's the day! I'm flying off to Italy. My boyfriend is currently in the air on a connecting flight to Newark, which is where we'll meet and fly to the rest of the way together. We do have a connecting flight but I'm not going to say where for safety reasons... but let's just say it's not a long layover and I'm fully expecting to sprint through the airport in [insert European airport here].

The last time I was in Europe was actually in 2014 when I visited a large number of English universities. It was after traveling to the United States to look at colleges, and I was gone about four weeks. Now I'm headed to Europe for 9 weeks or so, which makes it a totally different ballgame.

I don't know how a proper fashionista would feel about what I'm packing, but I'm pretty satisfied.  Almost every single article of clothing I'm bringing with me to Europe is black, navy, white or red. There's a single mint-green sundress that currently remains the only exception to this rule. Unlike what I wear in the States, my Europe wardrobe has a fair number of white pieces because I like wearing white in the summer. Minimizing the number of colours means almost everything matches into a number of outfits.

Anyways, it's hard to believe that in a few hours I'll be up in the air. I had this feeling last year too... nothing felt quite real until I had landed in Chengdu. Maybe it's because last year, I spent a long time in London Heathrow which really messed up my internal clock. Regardless, I'm sure everything will hit me soon enough.

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