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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Italy 5: Herculaneum

Today was probably the most laid back day Erik and I have had so far while on this holiday. We got a super late start out of our cute B&B, which had a nice breakfast laid out for us. Then we took the train to Erculano. It took about 45 minutes from Piano di Sorrento, which wasn't too bad because we were sitting.

 I've wanted to go to Herculaneum since I was little and read a book about how they found the skeletons there. Pompeii is larger and more famous, but they did not find much/any preserved organic material there. Herculaneum is smaller because only 1/4 to 1/3 of the site is excavated. The town was also richer than Pompeii, so the art is supposedly better. I've only been to one site so I can't say either way, but I'm glad we went to Herculaneum. There wasn't much of a queue for tickets at all, and the site was not overly crowded.

I took rather a lot of photos, so I compressed some into collages for ease of viewing.

Us! The rooms we are posing next to are actually next to each other, so imagine a thicker wall in between us and that's actually rather what this house looked like. 

To my parents, my aunt, Erik's mother and anyone else concerned... yes, we'll get more pictures together. Especially since our next city is Venice, though only for a night.

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  1. Haha, I'm glad the family has got the right concerns and priorities ;) But seriously, Herculaneum looks fantastic! An amazing place to visit, that's for sure. And the art and architecture look so nice! It's incredible how well-preserved some things can be!



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