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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Italy Day 4: To Sorrento

Today was a more laid back day than the three crazy first days in Rome, and it was much needed. Erik woke up with a fever and was pretty miserable, but we had to get out of the hotel by 10:00 which seems to be standard around here. After dragging our suitcases to Roma Termini station and grabbing a delicious pastry along the way, we booked a train to Naples. We actually ended up taking the Prima (first) class here because it was only 10 euros more and we didn't want to hang around Termini any longer than we had to. The train from Rome to Naples was about an hour long since the train moved up to 300 km/h! The Italian countryside is really beautiful and I loved being on the train.

Once arriving in Naples, we had to take a metro-style train to Piano di Sorrento (which is not Sorrento proper). It felt like we were on that thing for 100 years because it was packed, we were standing the whole time with our luggage, and it was crowded. Supposedly it "only" took a bit over an hour as well, but I don't know if I believe it.

We got to Piano di Sorrento and found out that our B&B is actually a room in an elderly couple's apartment. I think it's pretty cool because the area is more local than incredibly resort-y Sorrento but not that far away. After a short rest, we went to Sorrento.

This view~

Building of interest. 


Pretty ruins.

Sorrento is a little town that specialises in limoncello and being beautiful, so it was nice to wander around and shop all afternoon. We finally got to try some of the famous liquor, which is pretty strong but pleasant. That didn't stop us from eating amazing gelato at Gelataria Zini-- oh my goodness, the lemon cream gelato tasted like heaven. I'm sure my mother, who loves lemon, would have eaten a gigantic cone of it if was there.  Anyways, we bought limoncello to take home before having an early-ish dinner. Since we haven't actually done a long drawn out Italian dinner with many courses yet (on purpose, we've had long drawn out dinners though), we decided to do one tonight. The house wine and octopus starter at  La Lanterna were delicious. I don't normally like red wine and I've never had octopus prepared in a Western style, so I was very pleased with both.

Finally back at the B&B and winding down before bed. We're going to try for Herculaneum tomorrow, though since we've not been feeling well I'm not sure how that will go.

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