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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Italy Day 6: Venice

Venice is the epitome of a place that you think it knows what it looks like, but pictures fail to do it justice. Even the ones I took walking around today don't quite capture the beautiful city. I should admit that I wasn't entirely certain what the international hype was all about... and I still don't entirely get it. This attitude is similar to the one I hold for New York City- I appreciate both places for what they are. The number of tourists in Venice were amazing considering it's not peak tourist season yet.

Anyways, we took the local bus from Piano di Sorrento (over an hour) to Naples, then a 5 1/2 hour train ride from Naples to outside of Venice proper. The Italian countryside is really beautiful so I found the train ride really fun. Erik bought the first Song of Ice and Fire (the books they turned into Game of Thrones) so he read that for a bit on the train. After getting into our hostel, we went into Venice. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's my Venice photos.

We had dinner in Venice before heading back. Apparently the restaurant we ended up going to was a hot spot, and while we didn't have to wait, other people did. We had a table on the corner by the stairs down to the water. It was a really wonderful evening.  I'm so excited for Florence tomorrow. 

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