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Friday, May 27, 2016

Italy Day Six: Florence

We finally made it to Florence! Florence is sort of how I thought all of Italy was going to look. It's the most beautiful place. It seems like every corner has something to look at. It's been interesting being here with Erik because he knows this city. He studied abroad here with his university four years ago!

We didn't see anything major today because we got in around 3pm because there were no trains in for about forever today. We spent a long time in Venezia Mestre station at a coffee shop. It was not very fun. We did see outside  the Ufizza, where there are statues of the great artists. I only took pictures of the ones I recognised.

Here's a copy of David that stands outside. It's pretty cool, but I can't wait to see the original tomorrow. 

Based on the horses and the water-themed nymphs around this statue, I think this is Neptune/Poseidon. Still not sure though. 

Erik outside the FSU dorm where he lived for 6 weeks!

Me eating gelato. My aunt wanted me to eat the "most chocolately gelato possible", and since I was finally wearing a dark colour I went for it today. I balanced it out with some panna cotta flavour, which was smart because the chocolate was so rich. The gelato melts almost as thick as its frozen consistency, which is amazing. 

Tomorrow we'll see inside the major sites of Florence. In the meantime, I'm going to crash out. Sorry if this post is weird, we had wine with dinner and fancy shots by this guy nicknamed "the Einstein of shots". He made me some strawberry chocolate thing that was pretty delicious. 

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