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Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Day in Italy + Geneva

I can't believe I'm already in Geneva and that Erik is headed back to the United States right now. The past two days have gone by in a swirl.

Our last full day in Italy was amazing. Most the interesting parts were in Florence. We saw the David statue (which is enormous!) and various other works of art. Then we got one last pizza at a place called Mr. Pizza right near the Duomo. We also stopped by a grocery store so I could buy spice mixes to bring home... I have no idea if Italians actually use them, but they were a lot cheaper at the grocery than at the little tourist shops.

Unfortunately, we had to leave the beautiful city of Florence and take a train back to Rome. It was weird being back in Roma Termini... it felt like such a long time had passed. Then we took the train to the airport, and a shuttle to the hotel for the night. It was a nice hotel, but that meant everything was expensive. No one wants to pay 4 euros for less than a litre of water!

This morning, I got up at 4am and got to the airport by 5:15. It was rough. I then flew from Rome to Zurich, then Zurich to Geneva. The second flight was 1/2 an hour in the air, which I thought was a little silly. I then paid through the nose on a taxi to the program site, which wasn't fun. The good news is, the rest of the day was spent unpacking, grocery shopping, cooking, and exploring the neighbourhood.

I haven't taken pictures of Geneva yet but I will be doing so soon. It's a little weird because I'm a temporary international student rather than a tourist, so I'd like to pretend that life is normal here. There are so many things I'm already learning about Switzerland... like how expensive it is. I'm also learning that it's a country that focuses on freshness and closeness to nature. There is such respect here for ones' surroundings, it's really lovely.

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