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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Roma: Colosseo e Altri

I'm most of the way through my second day in Rome! So far Erik and I have walked about 9.5 miles. It's been exhausting (and our legs really hurt), but a second incredible day.

After getting up kind of late and starting the day with a Nutella-filled pastry, Erik and I went to the Colosseum. The queue for tickets was not terrible, but the queue for RomaPass holders was horrific. I'm very glad we did not buy them, because we would have felt obligated to use it. Seriously, the queue for them was probably 45 minutes long. The Colosseum is an incredibly cool structure. It's gigantic! It's really interesting to see the different layers and learn how it was used.

After the Colosseum we went across the street to the Forum. It had a very interesting museum that I really liked. It also had beautiful gardens, where Romulus probably lived, and other temple ruins.

In the Forum somewhere. 

Where Romulus probably lived. I hope it looked nicer when he was around. 

We decided to head back to the hotel because it was really hot and I needed more sunscreen... but ended up taking a nap again. We're both pretty jet-lagged! Eventually we managed to get up from our nap and went to the Pantheon. First we saw the Spanish Steps, which were closed. But we went to the Pantheon, which I was very impressed with! There are lots of cute little streets near there too. We ended up walking around that area, crossing the bridge, seeing a castle, and eventually getting back on the Metro and heading back. We're headed to dinner as soon as I post this.


The famous ceiling. 

Castle we're going to visit tomorrow. 

View of one of the bridges. 

Some observations about Rome/Italy/Italians:

  1. The Roman nose is real. People here have huge noses that practically sit at 90 degree angles. 
  2. There's a lot of weather damage on many of the structures, which is to be expected, but it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. 
  3. There's more graffiti, ancient and modern, in Rome than anywhere I've ever been. 
  4. Gelato prices vary widely depending on where you are in the city. Erik refuses to pay more than 3-4 Euros, but some places charge as much as 7 for a tiny cone.

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