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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bow Down!

I shared this picture on my personal Facebook recently (actually, it's my new profile picture) but it occurred to me that one of my most dedicated readers hasn't been able to see it. So Aunt Nancy, this post is mostly for you, but also for everyone who would like a bit of a laugh.

For a bit of context to the picture...

Game of Thrones is partially filmed in Croatia, and Dubrovnik is basically real-life "King's Landing".  There's a little island called Lokrum off of Dubrovnik that has a mini museum with a bunch of Game of Thrones stuff in it. They don't charge you to sit on the throne and take pictures, unlike the place in the city proper, which is great. Then again, you've paid for the boat fare to get there, so I'm sure it all evens out.

Anyways, "Kings Landing" is where the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms lives. Right now, that ruler is... something else. Therefore, I feel it was a good idea to temporarily replace them on the Iron Throne. I think I look like a proper ruler already!

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