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Monday, August 1, 2016

Loving Vienna (but was Sick in Prague)

I have to confess that I've had a bit of a history-crush on Maria Theresa since I was sixteen or so. I did a giant paper on her in my Junior year of high school that took up too much of my time that year, and learned a lot about Austrian history.  However, I never learned anything about its capital, Vienna... and had no idea it was this beautiful. I've never heard anyone say Vienna is their favourite city, but it might by mine. It's full of museums and statues and history. There's a giant statue of Maria Theresa in it, which makes me really happy. Vienna is also a city famous for its pastry, which as a sweets-addict is simply perfect. 

^^random people that got in my picture.... oh well >.<

We went to Schonbrunn Palace today (where Maria Theresa lived) and took the most amazing guided tour anyone in my family can recall taking. It was a very in depth tour through 40 rooms, including three personally decorated either by or for Maria Theresa. There was a Sisi room (Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary, plus other titles) with a little model of her and her incredibly long hair. Additionally, there were the beautiful grounds! We couldn't take pictures inside the palace for security reasons or something though....

My parents! 

The palace, with Vienna in the background. 

I meant to post yesterday or the day before, but I got incredibly sick in Prague! After doing a good bit of walking around the Old Town on Saturday, we went back to the hotel before potentially heading out to the national galleries in the Prague Castle. I then spent like twelve hours with  fever and being sick, which was horrible. One of my classmates had a bit of a stomach bug before leaving London, so I'm going to blame it on her I guess. At least I got better in time for Vienna, because no part of me would want to miss a minute of this city. 

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  1. It looks amazing! That photo of your parents is so lovely <3

    Hayley-Eszti |


Thanks for the comment! I read every single one :D