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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Three Ways to Tell I'm From New England

New Englanders are a very special sort of people. They regularly weather winters that would make Californians cry (then retire down to warm, steamy Florida), eat weird sea bugs that turn red when you cook them, and head to the "Cape" for a long weekend to swim in the cold ocean. I came up with this post whilst walking to the T drinking an ice coffee... which is an extremely Bostonian sentence. Anyways....

1) If you ask me what to order at Legal Seafoods, I will say "a cuppa chowda".

People from Massachusetts seem to have their own language sometimes, and I definitely speak it on occasion. From telling you about how wicked (great) the ice cream is from my hometown's local favourite Bedford Farms and looking at the queue for Boston University's "lobstah" night in horror, we certainly have our own manner of speaking! While I don't have a full blown Boston accent, I do have a few distinctly Bostonian phrases in my vocabulary.

Me when I was little! We love our pumpkins in New England. 

2) I talk about the weather, winters and foliage a lot.

New England weather is all over the place. When you grow up here, you're used to wearing a coat in the morning to school and going home and changing into shorts. It doesn't make any sense, but we know and love to complain about our weather. In reality, after three years in the tropics I missed having four seasons more than anything! I can tell you that two years ago was the worst winter in almost anyone's living memory, and certainly the worst winter I have ever seen. I can also tell that this year isn't going to be a pretty leaf year (you know, when the leaves change colour and the tourists come up here to go on tree walks) because it's too warm during the day and too cool in the evening.

The house I grew up in, covered in snow. 

3) I have strong opinions about the MBTA.

This is sort of a recent thing that has happened since I became a Bostonian rather than a townie, but MY GOODNESS is the MBTA absolutely terrible. It is simply remarkable that a system so slow, unreliable and generally a pain to use is the main form of transportation for a good part of the city. The buses are definitely more reliable than the trains, and the Commuter Rail is more reliable than both... though they've started cutting funds and train rides there too. The MBTA is a disaster and anyone who has to deal with it on a regular basis knows exactly what I'm talking about.

What are some things that you say or do that help people figure out where you're from?

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