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Monday, October 10, 2016

Minor Pumpkin Mania

Erik loves pumpkin spice things more than I do, so of course I make fun of him for being a basic white guy. The problem is, I dragged him to Trader Joes a few days ago to go grocery shopping. They have all of their pumpkin stuff in (yay, autumn) so naturally I had to pick up some odds and ends. I think I'm less about pumpkin spice things and more about pumpkin (and apple) things though.

So, I got two little treats for myself at Trader Joes. I really like the "This Fruit Walks into a Bar" series, and the pumpkin one is a delicious seasonal treat. The bars make really good on-the-go breakfasts if you're inclined towards something light.

The pumpkin body butter smells really, really good. It is pumpkin rather than pumpkin spice, so it's got a much lighter scent than one would expect. It's quite a thick formula even for a body butter, and a little goes a long way. Unlike other companies, Trader Joes doesn't artificially colour its products so the body butter is white. And let me tell you, it' smells SO good. I love smelling like a little pumpkin!

I made pumpkin ice cream the other day as well but it doesn't photograph well since it's in a big Tupperware, so I'll just say that it is also delicious. Just throw a can of pumpkin into a sweet cream base, add some pumpkin pie spice, and you're good to go :)

Happy Pumpkin Season!

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