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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sweet Bakery on Beacon Hill

I don't do reviews very often,  but I figured one of Sweet Bakery was a good way to start a mini-series about living and eating here in Boston. Sweet Bakery has five locations in Boston, but I went to the one on Beacon Hill. I like that they focus on not wasting food and donate what doesn't get sold at the end of every day. I'm also a fan of their insanely long hours-- 11-9pm -- which means I could theoretically run out in the evening for a cupcake fix. Actually, that has the potential to be dangerous!

Yesterday I finally went down and bought two cupcakes to share with Erik-- raspberry chocolate and gingerbread. I forgot to take pictures of the inside, but it was cutely decorated for the holidays and generally had a girly pink theme. The ceilings are really low (ah, Beacon Hill), but makes for a cozy rather than cramped feel.  I can definitely see grabbing cupcakes and coffee with a friend there.

The raspberry chocolate cupcake was reasonably pretty overall and had very tasty frosting.  The frosting had a light raspberry flavour  and was not overly sweet. It was also generously piled on top of the cupcake... to the point of seeming a bit out of proportion to the cake itself. The cake ought to have been more flavourful... more chocolate would have balanced out the frosting, or more raspberry to drive the raspberry-chocolate cupcake home. To be honest-- it was bland. 2.5/5

The gingerbread cupcake is a seasonal offering (yay, holiday season) and was substantially better all-around than the raspberry chocolate cupcake. The little cooke on top was both cute and tasty. The cake itself was moist, tasted strongly of molasses and was well spiced overall. It paired well with the vanilla frosting on top, which was more modest in amount. Since I can't figure out how they managed to make a cupcake that moist without being overpowering, it's a definite 5/5.

Final Thoughts: The gingerbread cupcake was good enough to get me to go back to Sweet Bakery again, but I was  disappointed with the raspberry-chocolate cupcake.  I can see ordering a set of these for a party, but would definitely try the flavour before buying a series of them since there was such a range in tastiness of the cupcakes.

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