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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Zouk Singapore at Jiak Kim Street

It has come to my attention that Zouk in Singapore had its last night at its Jiak Kim Street location. The internationally famous club is moving to Clarke Quay, a hotspot for Singapore nightlife. For months, various high school friends still in Singapore have been sharing posts about saving the Jiak Kim Street location. Once it became apparent that there was no saving the location, Zouk switched to recalling the good times it had there. It has been amazing to read people's stories about what Zouk means to them.

When I was in high school in Singapore, I didn't start clubbing or really drinking until after I came of age. Anyways, I cut my teeth  into the clubbing world at Zouk. I remember dressing up in a black bodycon dress with overly high black heels. The bouncer scrutinised my ID at the door before wishing me a happy birthday and allowing me inside. I remember drinking vodka cranberries and dancing with my friend while waiting for Disclosure to perform. Some woman spilled her drink all over one of my friends and she smelled like apples for the rest of the night. I still had a curfew (I think it was 2am?) and when I got home I remember feeling a bit guilty because my mother had stayed awake waiting for me to come home safely.

Before Senior Prom, another coming-of-age celebration!

In my memories, Zouk Singapore will always represent my coming of age. I only went there once, but I wish I had been able to go back before they closed their Jiak Kim Street location. Zouk was a cool location and I am so glad that I went there to celebrate my 18th! I hope it is very successful in Clarke Quay.

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