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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Back in Geneva

 I'm finally back in Geneva!

 It feels really weird to be back in Geneva because in some ways it feels like I never left. That being said, it's colder now and the broccoli trees no longer have their signature fluff. There are differences though. I had to get a Swiss SIM card which turned into a royal adventure when it refused to work. It's been interesting getting to know people here. It's a massive group! In the summer there were only 30-ish students and 13 in my program. This time there are nearly 60 in three different programs.

The flight here was pretty good. I had a layover and Heathrow and discovered that this exists. While I did not buy anything, I could not resist taking a picture.

I also snapped a quick picture flying over France. It looks so beautiful and snowy! Apparently the snow came late this year and there wasn't any at Christmas. The Swiss economy got hurt pretty badly as a result. However, nearly a metre of snow fell the week before we got here so I guess all will be well for the Swiss. I'm more of a snowboarder than a skier, but I definitely need to take lessons before attempting anything on the Alps. It's a lot steeper and more dangerous here than it is in America.

So, just a quick update for now. I'll try to post somewhat regularly while I'm here and certainly after trips!

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