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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Holidays in San Antonio and Orlando

I had the most amazing holiday in Texas and Florida! 

My boyfriend's family lives in San Antonio, so I went down the day after Christmas to visit. I visited the Alamo (which is really quite small) and the River Walk, which is quite pretty! It reminded me of Clarke Quay in Singapore with all the shops and bars along the river. I was surprised that there was no railing along most of it-- luckily, it's quite shallow so people are easy to rescue when they fall in. 

It was really fun chilling out with my boyfriend's family and getting to know them all better. They really are the nicest people. We went bowling and I successfully avoided falling down, throwing the ball behind me, or spraining my wrist. 

After San Antonio, Erik and I flew down to Orlando to visit some of his friends from college. One of them works at Disney World, so we were able to visit. This is the beautiful tree outside Animal Kingdom... it's incredibly tall. Disney World is a cool place because everything is incredibly controlled and perfect. Everyone working there is called a "cast member" and they are very friendly at all times. I honestly think the "Disney Magic" comes from excellent service and people's willingness to suspend their disbelief and enjoy themselves. 

I re-learned that I'm terrified of roller coasters on the Expedition Everest ride during our second day at Disney. I had no idea that my scream-of-terror was so high... I probably could have broken glass. I broke down into tears at some point and sobbed through most of the ride, which was pretty embarrassing. The day got a lot better though when we went on safari and saw animals. I didn't get any particularly good photos of them though. 

 Here's a crappy photo of a giraffe. When I was a kid I had a stuffed giraffe creatively named "Giraffee", so I'm quite fond of these weird-looking animals.

We rang in 2017 by watching fireworks at Disney World, which was absolutely amazing. Disney shoots two sets of fireworks into the air at the same time so everyone in the open parks can see them, then shoot off the count-down numbers before lighting up the sky at midnight. I swear you could hear people shouting at midnight from Magic Kingdom... which was full to capacity so we couldn't go during our visit. 

My New Year's resolution is to live in the moment more. I feel like I'm always worrying about the future, but the only thing I can really control is right now.  So, in this upcoming year that is bound to be full of changes starting with flying off to Geneva in two weeks... I'm going to try and enjoy everything!

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