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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Scotland: Edinburgh and the Highlands

I finally went to Scotland!  My friend Bram is studying in London, and we decided to meet in Edinburgh. It's one of the prettiest places I've ever been. In some ways it reminded me of Budapest, Hungary. I think it's because in both places, the people are extremely proud of their homeland and heritage. 

I learned a fair bit about Scotland over the weekend. First of all,  kilts are actually quite common and ordinary wear. Since it was the Scotland versus Ireland 6 Nations rugby game, loads of Scotsmen were out at pubs in kilts. The man on the bottom was working at the castle and gave out historical information. 

I also learned that whilst in Scotland, the chances of you coming across someone standing around on the street playing bagpipes is quite high. The man in green was standing near one of the main churches. We saw another man playing bagpipes when it was evening and I couldn't get a good picture of him, sadly. 

Bram and I decided to get tea at the Edinburgh Castle, since we were unsure of when we'd get to have tea at a castle next. The tea was excellent, and that piece of lemon-meringue cake was really good. On a side note, the whiskey samples elsewhere in the castle were also great. 

Bram and I went on a bus tour to Loch Ness and around the Highlands. The Highlands are absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit. This is Loch Ness. "Loch" means "lake" but can refer to both fresh and saltwater bodies of water. Sadly, we didn't see Nessie. 

Photos don't really capture how beautiful the highlands are, but they are absolutely wonderful. I couldn't believe I was still in Europe! It sort of felt like going to a more sloping version of New Zealand. Highland colours are also really vivid. There are lots of greens, blues, purples and browns that this photograph doesn't capture.

I loved Scotland, and I actually liked haggis! Scotland is a quirky place that is very attached to its own identity. I tend to say that I'll go back to places and then never end up doing so, but I think I'll return to Scotland for sure. I really want to do Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland in a trip some day in the future.

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