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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Ultimate Fast Forward Button

My family and biggest blog readers: Mom, Aunt Nancy, and Dad at the Pardee School Graduation

One of the first tips you read when you search "blogging tips" online is to never start a post by apologising for having not posted in a while. So, I won't apologise for having not posted in a while, but I will definitely acknowledge that time has passed between my last post and now.

First of all, I returned to the United States on May 1st. I made sure to drink champagne on every possible leg of the flight home, because I was definitely in a celebration mood. Then I was home for a week before flying to Washington DC to look for an apartment with my boyfriend. We found one... and we're officially moving to Arlington, VA in early July! 

A week later, I turned 21 in mid-May and my wonderful boyfriend took me to see Blue Man Group. I saw Blue Man Group as a kid, but it was even better the second time around! Then I embarked on Senior Week prior to my undergraduate graduation. It involved clubbing on a Monday (?!), going to a casino for the first time on Tuesday, and a Thursday clambake that my friend Lea (and my former roommate from Geneva/London) correctly described as the "least-clammy clambake ever" as it failed to have even a single clam (don't worry, there was lobster instead). 

I think that was the craziest May that anyone possibly could have had, and it was a wonderful month. 

Then I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Art's in International Relations (policy/security track with a focus on Asia) and hit the ultimate fast forward button for life. I have no idea where the first two weeks of June went, but it's mid-June already. Now I'm applying for jobs, packing to move and learning how to drive (it's about time). I have so many things to do and seemingly no time to do it. 

But that's okay. I'll learn as I go! 

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